Shawn Zhang, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President of R&D Operations and Ambrx China

Shawn Zhang, Ph.D., has served as our Senior Vice President of R&D Operations and Ambrx China since April 2021, and previously was Vice President of Research. Shawn is an established executive in the areas of pharmaceutical research and development, business development, product sourcing, in-licensing, project management and senior management leadership. Shawn has also demonstrated hands-on and managerial experience in drug target selection and validation, assay development, lead discovery, preclinical and clinical development. Before his appointment, Shawn held senior research and development roles at various companies including HUYA Biosciences International and Mitsubishi-Tanabe, where he established and led multiple drug projects in oncology, immunology, metabolic diseases and more.

Shawn completed his postdoc training at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory after he obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from UCSD/Salk Institute, MS in molecular genetics from Institute of Genetics, Chinese Academy of Science and B.S. in biology from Beijing Normal University.