(Job: 47-21BA)

About Ambrx:

Ambrx is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company enabling a new field of protein medicinal chemistry, using a technology that directs the incorporation of amino acids beyond nature’s conserved set into biosynthetic proteins to produce high value biological products such as antibody-drug conjugates. Ambrx is seeking a highly motivated research associate to be a productive member of a fast-paced and dynamic organization.


This position will focus on upstream process development and support the efforts for developing and optimizing the cell culture process including medium development, feeding strategies, process parameter optimization, process characterization and scale-up for large scale production to support R&D, pre-clinical, and clinical activities.

  • The candidate will prepare materials for and set up designed experiments,
  • Collect and organize data.
  • Keeping careful records and attention to detail are critical.
  • Prepare CHO media and growing CHO (or other suspended mammalian) cells in shake flasks and bioreactors
  • Hands on use of Bio HT, Flex II (or Bioprofile 400), Vi-Cell, Ambr-15 or Ambr-250


  • MS with 2-6 yrs or BS with 2-8 industry experience Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry or related field
  • Hands-on experience with CHO or other mammalian cells for mAb or recombinant protein production is a must.
  • Hands-on experience using shake flasks and bioreactors is desired
  • Previous experience in cell culture scale-up, tech transfer including drafting development reports, production batch records, protocols and knowledge of scale-up and scale-down models is highly desired.
  • Knowledge of statistical design of experiments in process development and optimization
  • Previous experience in cell culture media development and cell culture platform development is a plus.
  • Previous experience in us of automated mini-bioreactor systems (Ambr15 or Ambr250) is a plus
  • The ability to succeed in a multidisciplinary, fast changing and diverse team environment

To be considered as an applicant, please submit your resume/CV referencing the specific position of interest and position code to careers@ambrx.com. Applicants whose qualifications and experience most closely match the requirements of the position will be reviewed. Candidates will only be contacted for evaluative discussions. Ambrx offers competitive compensation & benefits.