Chemically optimizing proteins and antibodies

Protien Medicinal

Protein Medicinal Chemistry

Ambrx technology harnesses an expanded genetic code that enables the design and specific modification of peptide and protein drugs, in effect allowing medicinal chemistry for protein conjugates.

Ambrx’s technology makes it possible to precisely incorporate into a DNA sequence a new and specific codon that codes for a non-natural amino acid with a novel chemical tag. Furthermore, through our cell technology, this codon then enables the inclusion of the non-natural amino acid at a precise and predetermined location in a protein or peptide. Conventional conjugations of ligands and drugs to proteins or peptides result in heterogeneous mixtures of bio-conjugates with varying levels of efficacy. This in turn gives rise to sub-optimal properties in efficacy, safety and drug stability. Our site-specific incorporation of a novel amino acid into proteins enables a high level of control for conjugation. This can be chosen to minimally perturb the native structure and function of the peptide, protein or mAb while allowing a detailed understanding of the Structure Activity Relationships (SAR) for the conjugation. Thus, just as is done with small molecule drugs, we can adopt SAR approachs in a rapid, combinatorial manner to maximize the desired effect of the conjugated ligand on the biomolecule. We are using an expanded genetic code that enables Protein Medicinal Chemistry™ to create novel and optimized bio-medicines.

Practicing Protein Medicinal Chemistry™ with Antibody Drug Conjugates: