Plug and play, modular approach to create Bi-Specifics

Modular Targeted

Modular Targeted Therapeutics

Using its proprietary technologies, Ambrx adopts a rational, structure-based approach to create optimized bi- and multi-specific conjugates that expand the repertoire beyond that achievable with conventional fusion proteins

The incorporation of a non-native amino acid at a precise location within a protein allows for new ways of chemically conjugating molecules to that protein using chemistries that do not recognize any of the twenty natural amino acids and are specific only to that non-natural amino acid. Thus, we have new opportunities to design and optimize the site of conjugation, the properties and size of the linker that is used and the function of the molecule that is being conjugated. This opens up new opportunities in the use of bi-and multi-specific antibodies and antibody fragments as therapeutics. Traditional fusion proteins generally have been restricted due to limitations in what the producing cell is able to synthesize. Ambrx’s ReCODE™ and EuCODE™ technologies allow the introduction of non-natural peptides, small molecule drugs or other ligands into the bio-conjugate to create new specificities and activities. We thus are able to generate, characterize and optimize novel multi-specific biomedicines for use in a variety of disease areas, including cancer, autoimmunity and inflammation, and infectious disease.