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We strive to protect our product candidates and our core technology platforms through a variety of methods, including seeking and maintaining patents intended to cover our products and compositions, their methods of use and processes for their manufacture, our platform technologies and any other inventions that are commercially important to the development of our business. We have entered into exclusive license agreements with various academic and research institutions to obtain the rights to use certain patents for the development and commercialization of our product candidates. We also rely on know-how, continuing technological innovation and in-licensing opportunities to develop and maintain our proprietary position. We seek to obtain domestic and international patent protection and endeavor to promptly file patent applications for new commercially valuable inventions to expand our intellectual property portfolio.

Our intellectual property portfolio is currently composed of issued US patents and  pending US patent applications that we own. We also control, through exclusive licenses from academic and research institutions, issued US patents and pending US patent applications.  This portfolio covers (i) our ReCODE™ platform; (ii) our EuCODE™ platform; and (iii) our other technologies, such as our linker chemistry technology.

Intellectual Property Relating to Our ReCODE and EuCODE Platforms

We own 12 families of U.S. and foreign patents and patent applications covering our ReCODE™ and EuCODE™ platforms. This portfolio includes over 20 issued US Patents relating to the essential components of our ReCODE™ and EuCODE™ platform systems and methods of manufacturing the polypeptides that comprise a non-naturally encoded amino acid. Applications in this portfolio include claims covering (i) orthogonal RS’s; (ii) orthogonal tRNA’s; (iii) cells that contain the orthogonal RS and tRNA; and (iv) methods for manufacturing polypeptides comprising a non-naturally encoded amino acid.

We also have an exclusive license to a portfolio consisting of four families of issued patents and pending patent applications co-owned by The Scripps Research Institute and The Regents of the University of California, Berkeley. Through this exclusive license, we currently have exclusive rights to over 20 issued US patents, over 50 foreign patents and over 20 pending patent applications in the US and worldwide relating to methods for incorporating non-natural amino acids into polypeptides.